Wiko S5400 Touch Screen (digitizer glas panel) black Wiko S5400 T..
€ 12,00 € 2,00
ZTE Grand SII ( S2 S251 S291) ZTE Grand SI..
€ 20,00 € 9,00
Microsoft Lumia 532 (RM-1032 RM-1034) Microsoft Lu..
€ 30,00 € 14,00
Touchscreen (Digitizer glas)  HTC Windows Phone 8S A620E white Touchscreen ..
€ 27,00 € 2,00

New orders will not be shipped at this moment

New orders will not be shipped for a while.

Dear customer,

From now on we aren’t able to send orders for some weeks. We don’t know exactly for how long this will be. It is possible to order in our webshop, but at this moment we don’t know when your order will be shipped.
In some cases we don’t have the parts in stock, but we can ask the supplier to send it directly to you. When this is the case, you see a comment with the parts. If you order these parts, we can take care of your order.
If you have requested a refund, we will process the refund in the following weeks.
We can’t  reply to emails. For this reason it will only be possible to contact us about  orders that already have been placed. If this is the case, you can contact us sending a reply on the confirmation email of the order.
As soon as we know that we can send all the orders normally again, we will inform you on our site.
Thanks for your understanding.