display+Touch panel/screen glas unit ARCHOS 50 Helium Plus
LCD Display + Touch screen for ARCHOS 50 Helium Plus
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display+Touch panel/screen glas unit ARCHOS 50 Helium Plus

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Pre-installed ARCHOS 50 Helium Plus front (display + touchscreen unit)

Complete touchscreen means that it consists of more than only the display. A touchscreen (digitizer) is installed as well. When a touchscreen is damaged, not everyone succeeds in separating the display from the touchscreen. In that case, the pre-installed front is a good solution. The two parts are joined together properly and dust free, which guarantees an easy replacement during repair.
This is the front part of the device: the small monitor that reproduces the images, and a transparent touch screen that is placed over it.
Reproduction of images, and control of the device through touch.
Digitizer with black front glass

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