OLYMPUS OLYMPUS U7040 AUO Z030DN01 (1138 060 flex)
lcd monitor OLYMPUS U7050 (Display AUO Z030DN01)
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P/N: AUO Z030DN01 (1138 060 flex) lcd monitor OLYMPUS U7050(display Screen)

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LCD screen with backlight for OLYMPUS U7050(AUO Z030DN01 (1138 060 flex))

The display of your OLYMPUS U7050 (AUO Z030DN01 (1138 060 flex)), similar to the viewfinder, reproduces the subject you want to photograph. Photographs that were made can be watched on this small monitor
Did your display suffer damage? Does it have dead pixels?  Did it break because it was dropped or suffered water damage? You can replace a broken or cracked display with a new one.

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