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Return and liability sells parts at low prices. On devices like a bluetooth headphone, there is a legal six-month warranty. Whit parts, this is different. Normally there is no guarantee for parts that a customer uses by repairing his own device. is very careful with its parts and expects that its  customers does the same. Most customers don't have much experience with device repair. The parts are fragile. That is why you need to test them first. If it works in your device, remove the protective film and place it permanently in the device. If it doesn't work, then you can only return it if it is still new and unused, with an unremoved protective film. Then can return it to its supplier.

Brapa-repair is part of There is warranty on the repairs carried out by Brapa-repair.

If for any reason, the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the delivered parts, he has to return it within 14 days after receiving it. The condition is that the item is still intact. All displays, touch screens and other parts with protective film, can only be returned with unremoved protective film. Also the golden sticker can't be damaged or removed.

The customer pays for the return shipment. If a customer has ordered a wrong part, will provide the customer with a credit code for the amount the customer paid for the returned part. With this code, the customer can place a new order. If can not supply the required part, will refund the purchased amount to the customer within fourteen days.

If the customer doesn't want a credit code, he can mention it on the return form. Than will refund the purchased amount of the returned item, if the returned item meets the conditions.    

The customer has to report visible complaints as soon as possible to He has to  return the part with a readable completed return form within fourteen days.
The liability of is limited to defects in the delivered part.

Before you insert a new part into your device, disconnect the battery completely. If this is not possible, make sure that the device is completely switched off. We know that most of the defect parts were damaged during repair. Those parts are fragile. If you hold them wrong, or pressure is applied in the wrong place,  or if no anti-static measures are taken (anti-static gloves, or anti static wristband), something can go wrong easily.

Has the component been tested, the film removed, and does it not work properly after installation? Then unfortunately there went someting wrong during repair. There is nothing can do  about that. Because it is not possible to see when the damage has occurred, it is really important to test the part before installation!

All returns must be well packed, in the way that it won't be damaged during shipping. A bubble wrap envelop is not enough! Returns that do not meet the condition will not be processed by doesn't return those items to its customers.

Item damaged during shipping
If you received a damaged item (this also applies to pressure damage), you can return it with the return form within fourteen days after receiving it.  The protective film needs to be unremoved and the golden sticker has to be undamaged.  You must return the order safely packed, in the way can see how you received it. The cost of the return shipping has to be paid by the customer. Then will send a new part free of charge.
If in stock, generally orders will be deliverd in one week. Normally ships three days a week., Vlakestraat 44 Zierikzee, The Nederlands
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Het openen van uw mobiele telefoon en het vervangen van het onderdelen, geschiedt geheel op eigen risico. gaat zeer zorgvuldig om met zijn producten en verwacht van zijn klanten hetzelfde.

Voor alle aanbiedingen geldt: zolang de voorraad strekt. behoudt het recht om prijzen tussentijds aan te passen. geeft standaard zes maanden wettelijke garantie op apparaten als de bleutooth headphone. levert onderdelen tegen bodemprijzen. Normaalgesproken zit er geen garantie op onderdelen die een klant gebruikt tijdens een door hemzelf uitgevoerde reparatie. Om de klant in dit opzicht tegemoet te komen, biedt als extra service toch de mogelijkheid om hier garantie voor bij te kopen. Dit is echter geen verplichting. Meer informatie leest u in de algemene voorwaarden die u dient te lezen voordat u verder gaat met het plaatsen van uw bestelling.